Welcome Letter

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for visiting the Deerfield website. We’ve designed the content of the site with the idea of informing you of who we are and what we can do for you. What you’ll find as you look around are the ways our firm can help you protect yourself from risk & enhance your value in the eyes of key employees through a first rate employee Benefits package. With respect to risks, there are a good many of them that can easily bring down your business. For example, acting on inaccurate or bad information, market miscalculations, financial or cash flow miss-management, competition, and misguided strategies just to name a few. But those of course are uninsurable business risks. Our focus on behalf of clients are those risks that relate to fortuitous legal liability, professional liability, property loss, and regulatory compliance such as Obamacare compliance Department of Labor rules, Erisa regulations, & so on. Regulators have the right to bring action against an employer on their own or in conjunction with an aggrieved employee. It seems like they’re out to get you sometimes. Professional liability is also lurking, it can occur if you make an error in your professional capacity. In the case of property, you may have exposure to fire, windstorm , theft, flood and loss of income from any of these.  Some of these risks are insurable & some are not. The business owner must be ever vigilant and alert to protect themselves from these seemingly endless perils. The key is to strike a reasonable balance between insurance, loss control, and Risk management so that you aren’t paying out all of your profit to an insurance company in the form of insurance premiums. That’s where we come in. We can advise you on how best to mitigate & transfer that risk as well as mange them. In addition, as I mentioned earlier, if you have valuable employees that you’d like to retain, Deerfield can help design an Employee Benefits program that is second to none. With the competition for talent in the current business environment being what it is, a first rate Employee Benefit Program can go a long way in helping you attract & retain that talent. Deerfield Advisors can add significant value to your business in these areas, my hope is that after a fair hearing of our capabilities you will feel the same way. Let us hear from you!