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  • Thanks for your assistance and your suggestions & for shopping our insurance. Please extend them to J as well. You are keepers!
  • Thanks again and it has been a pleasure to work with you. You have made this process very easy.
  • Thanks for going the extra mile and contacting the insurance carrier. You put me at ease. Again thanks for your quick attention to this matter.
  • Thank you very much. You guys make my insurance issues very easy to deal with and I really appreciate all you do.
  • Thank you again for always being there to answer questions and give us exactly what is needed. I really appreciate you. Have a great afternoon.
  • Thanks very much for your assistance with the payment. That’s a big help, and I appreciate it!
  • Thanks for the good wishes, and we sincerely return the same to you. But more than that, thanks for your always excellent service. We’re glad we deal with you on all our insurance needs.
  • I would like to thank you for sending me this information. I am very pleased to see a significant cost savings with this new quote. I will be calling you tomorrow to give a final approval on this account change. Also, tell Jay that I really appreciate all his help with the work to get us a better quote on our insurance policies. Thanks again
  • I have intended to send you a note for some time. A while back, I believe it was Kathie who left a message on our home machine advising us that Deerfield Advisors had spoken to our carrier requesting they waive a late fee. I had misplaced the billing statement on my study at home underneath a pile of papers and paid the bill about a week late. I was so pleased that Deerfield took the initiative, unbeknownst to me, and obtained agreement from the insurance company to waive the $25 late fee. I want to thank you for the excellent service you and your staff provide. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!
  • Thanks as always for your sterling help, it is very appreciated.
  • Don’t know how it has come about, but surely are glad you folks are there as a safety net. I will see about getting that check in the mail.
  • I’m 46 and have been with a few insurance Agents throughout my lifetime, Nothing beats the personal customer service I have received from you and your staff Jay. The constant focus on finding me a better deal or just calling to say “Hello” and check on my satisfaction is well beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Thank you!
  • Thanks for everything you guys do.
  • Thank You.I really appreciate the quick response.
  • Good Morning, I just wanted to let you know that we received this. As always, thank you for the prompt help and support. We enjoy working with your company because we appreciate feeling like valued members rather than just another policy number. Thanks.
  • Thank you, Brooke. You always make everything re: my insurance so simple and easy.:)
  • First thanks for all your help and attention. You and the rest at Deerfield have made us feel more than just customers.
  • This has been a major undertaking that absolutely no one but you and your staff could have made happen. We have been totally blessed to have found you.
  • Love these reminders… Thank you.
  • You made that so simple, Thanks!!
  • Jay! You and your staff are the BEST! Thank you so much for the flowers and the sweet little note. It was such a treat when they arrived and they are absolutely lovely. We have all enjoyed working with you over these past few months. This business would not have ever had a chance if it weren’t for the hard work of you and your team scrambling to get us all the coverage we need. You treat your customers the way they deserve to be treated! When it comes to all of our insurance, and benefits needs, we will always come to you.
  • Thank you so much for everything you do to make life better for me!! Have a wonderful Holiday weekend.
  • You’re awesome!
  • Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your hard work and wanted to thank you for everything you have done.
  • Hi Jay! Thank you for the reminder! That is why we stick with Deerfield.
  • Thank you again and again and again…
  • I dont know what I would do without you guys. Thank you!
  • You guys make my life so much easier. Thank you!
  • We have never been treated so well by our insurance agent, I really and truly mean it too!!!
  • Renee, I appreciate you and your team. Deerfield always does a great job for me and my clients – thanks so much!
  • Thank you. I don’t know what I would do without ya’ll looking after us…
  • Thanks for such a prompt response, as always!
  • This is an answer to my Health Insurance prayers! I will read over this again but it sounds like a great way to go for all of our small companies. Can I use Deerfield to find insurance plans for individuals if we go this route?Also, I just wanted to say, thank you so much for always being on top of these things Jay. Our job would be so much harder if we didn’t have you and your team to turn to for all of our insurance needs and questions. I look forward to having you guys around for the life of our company and I hope in the coming year we can throw some really good business your way. Thanks.
  • Thanks for always keeping me on track with things, Shondra. I really appreciate all you do. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, God Bless.
  • You’re reminding me of how painless you make this crazy process.
  • That’s why I love you guys..Please make the switch…Thanks
  • Thank you sooo much again. You are a blessing!
  • You guys are awesome!!! you make the process easy and painless.
  • Awesome work!!!! Headed to office to sign and send…
  • Thanks to all of you for the fast and efficent service.
  • You guys are GREAT!! Thank you.
  • You’re amazing, thanks so much! Have a great Memorial Day!
  • You guys are the Bestest!!!
  • Thank you for taking care of this, and your good service. I also received the hard copy in the mail.
  • You really are the Insurance Guru of The World….. Thank you, thank you, thank you
  • I very much appreciate your wonderful assistance, as always. Thank you.
  • Thank you very much for taking care of this so quickly.
  • Thank you! We are very happy!
  • Thanks Brooke. You are so efficient. That’s why we continue to do business with Deerfield.
  • Thank you so much, Brooke! You always do a great job for me.
  • Thank you Brooke. You guys are the Best!!
  • Thank you. You make this so easy.
  • Shondra, Thanks for your prompt action and follow up to handle my insurance need.
  • Thanks Brooke. I appreciate the great service Deerfield has provided us.
  • Many thanks! I appreciate your hard work!
  • What would I do without you?????
  • Paul and his wife are dear people and I know they will be in good hands with your guidance.
  • Renee,Wow. Great job. You have just made my day. Please proceed and I would just pay the entire premium now.Thanks for the outstanding work.
  • Brooke,I do notice and appreciate very much that you have in checking into this actually reduced the premium to a level below the former rate. no, appreciate is too weak a word actually, it goes beyond that.thanks very, very much Brooke, and please do pass our best regards on to Jay.
  • Brooke,thank you, and i do mean sincerely so. this is the reason why i have stayed with your agency all these years and intend very much to continue doing so. Thanks again.
  • Thanks Brooke! I will continue to recommend Deerfield at every opportunity!
  • Thank you for your wonderful customer service.
  • Great job. We’ll be talking more. I’m impressed
  • Thank you. Your staff is great and very helpful and responsive whenever I need anything.
  • This is absolutely fantastic news!!! You are the BEST,Thank You So Very Much!
  • Thanks! This is why I am SO glad you are involved. I appreciate the great service. Merry Christmas!
  • Thanks for the fast response.
  • Thanks Brooke you are great
  • Thank you for checking in with me! We are doing well, and are glad you are there for us.
  • Thanks, Brooke! You’re always so sweet to me. :)
  • Will do ! Brooke ROCKS !
  • Thanks for taking such good care of my clients. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about how well you treat us.
  • Thanks for staying on top of this for us!
  • Thanks for checking in. We’re doing great and remain very pleased with your services!
  • Brooke, you are the “bomb”……..Thank You!!
  • I appreciate all you guys do to keep our insurance easy for me to handle.
  • Thanks Brooke. You do great work. Happy New Year!
  • You’re totally awesome !
  • Thanks Jay – I really didn’t expect a response at 10 pm!
  • Your policy quotes will be saving us a tremendous amount of money! Our auto premium is almost half of our existing payments to Farmers Ins. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this and again, your office folks are the best ever! Now I guess I’ll owe my nephew more than a “thank you” for referring us to you! And – I will pass on this good news to my friends and other family members
  • I want you to know the staff in your office are outstanding! They got back to me quickly with a quote ( which looks great) and were extremely courteous and sounded happy to be serving us customers! That is fairly unheard of these days but it’s so refreshing to know there are still customer service oriented folks out there. It’s been all my pleasure working with them and as soon as I get a chance to read the policies I look forward to getting back with Renee. Keep doing whatever it is that keeps them happy and helpful!
  • Thanks, Jay! You guys are the best!
  • Hello Brooke. Thanks for the quote. I would like to proceed and will call you tomorrow to give you my payment information. Again, thanks for your quick response. I work long hours, therefore we’ve been playing phone tag. This quote was very helpful and shows great customer service.
  • Thanks for doing this so quickly.
  • Wow ! What a difference !! Thank you. Please go ahead and issue the new policy
  • Fabulous. Really appreciate you guys!
  • Good afternoon, I work for SWBC Mortgage in Austin. I wanted to make sure Shondra Leary received recognition from someone on helping us with a sticky situation.We have a mutual client who’s closing date was pushed back over a month, it was a USDA loan and was contingent on the new dec page.. Shondra was very on top of the situation, gaining the new policy and dec page as fast as it was written. She even went in to work early to send us everything before we ourselves opened. She was calling us to leave a message around 6:45 this morning 8/19.Corporate policies and timelines are sometimes hard to work around, and this was no exception. But she was very helpful, and I really hope this reaches her – the borrowers were able to close on time, and the loan will fund on time as well.Please let her know we are grateful.Mortgage Broker
  • Thank you Renee, you’re awesome. Have a great day.
  • Thx for the incredibly wonderful service and pricing. You are making it SOOOO easy for me to win deals. Mortgage Broker
  • Oh thank goodness for you … will get it done today!
  • Hi Brooke,
    Thank you for staying on top of this insurance matter, very much appreciated

    Thank you
  • Kathie,
    That is good news. Thanks so much for your excellent service.
  • Kathie,
    This is excellent service. We really appreciate your help.
    Thanks again,
    Mortgage Broker
  • Thank you Brooke, I am out in about right now. I will log on as soon as I get home. Thanks again for all your help. It was great speaking with you. You explained everything so well.
    Talk to you soon.
  • Kathie,
    Your email is timely. I got an email today with a settlement proposal. I am satisfied with the numbers and I believe the matter will be closed when I get the payment. Thanks for everything. You have been great! I will give Jay an atta-boy for having you as a part of the team.
  • You’re awesome! Thank you for keeping tabs on it for me.
  • Renee,
    Much appreciated! You are ALWAYS so helpful and handle things very promptly!!! I will make certain to let you know if there is anything I need…again, Thank You so much!!
  • Appreciate you and your team…..SO MUCH!!!
  • Thanks so very much. We really appreciate the great service Deerfield Advisors provides to us!
  • That’s why Brooke is awesome and she should do all your quotes ;)
    She and I closed many many deals over the years
    Thanks Brooke!!!
    Mortgage Broker
  • Brooke,
    Thank you. I really appreciate and your team’s following through and getting this done.
  • Ok, you guys have never steered us wrong…we will stick with Arrowhead. Thank you for checking with me first. Greatly appreciate your time and effort!
    Thanks again!
  • Thank You for handling so quickly.
  • You ladies ROCK!!!
    Thanks. Have a great weekend also.
  • Awesome, you guys are great!
    Bought a new house and a new car all in one day. I think I will have a drink now! Whew.
  • Brooke,
    Thank you for all your help. I am glad I came back to Deerfield!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Thanks for the second reminder. I’m up to my eyeballs in stuff and Baby CASS has taken a back burner so I really appreciate you following up.
    Made the payment online just now so it should post in time.
    Thank you!
  • As always, Brooke, thank you for your attention to my insurance needs. I appreciate you!
  • JJ and the crew,Happy new year to all of you guys, you are really wonderful people.Thank you for all you have done in the pervious years, and looking forward to continuing the relationship in the years to come. Thank you
  • You guys are awesome, as always!!!
  • Thanks so much! As always, I appreciate your help. J You guys make things so easy!
  • As always you’re always a pleasure to work with!!! Thank you so much for your help!!!
    Mortgage Broker
  • Thank You for taking care of this so quickly. Best regards,
  • You ARE THE BEST!!! Thanks.
  • Thanks Shondra, I appreciate your taking care of this for me so quickly and for following up with me. You are terrific!
    Have a good day,
  • Renee,
    Thank you so much for your promptness…absolutely LOVE you guys!
  • Thanks Kathie…your the best!
  • You guys make us look good at the end of the day. You are one of the few insurance companies who get it. You follow up with clients, You are proactive. You get us what we need when asked. You don’t oversell coverage and or options. Keep up the great work
    Mortgage Broker
  • Thank you for the note Mr. Odom. We appreciate your agency’s great service. Mortgage Broker
  • Thank you for taking care of this so quickly Renee.
  • Thank you so much guys I really appreciate it, you guys are the best. Thank you,
  • Thank you for your effort has been greatly appreciated
  • You’re wonderful. Thank you!
  • Brooke, Thank you for speaking with me today. I have attached Erica’s notice of cancelation. Please accept and forward to the right party at CIGNA. We appreciate everything you guys do for our family. We will keep you in our thoughts when OBAMACARE comes to light in 2014. Kind regards,
  • Renee,Please find attached the signed documents for cancellation and the new policy. Thanks so much for catching this and acting so expeditiously!! Have a happy and safe holiday!

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Unsolicited comments emailed to us from Deerfield customers between September 2010 to present.

Unsolicited comments emailed to us from Deerfield customers between September 2010 to present.