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Risk Management


Risk Advisory at Deerfield first & foremost starts with a clear eyed understanding that Risks are everywhere, unlimited, & never ending. Some risks can devastate a successful business operation, while some just make life miserable for a while. It helps a lot if you’re ready for them. The small to mid-size business have more than their fair share of exposure to risk. The perils associated with them are endless. In fact, it’s been said that Murphy, the originator of Murphy’s Law was a business owner before he was a scientist. At Deerfield Advisors we spend a lot of our time just thinking about what can go wrong in your operation, so you can think about what needs to go right. After all, the dreaded Murphy can raise his proverbial ugly head at any time. Many of our clients wonder just what their potential risks really are. Fact is there are lots of risks, Deerfield can help you deal with those risks in the most efficient means possible.



Insurance, the ultimate transfer of risk mechanism ever invented has been thought of as a necessary evil ever since the concept was conceived way back in the 3rd century BC when Chinese merchants traveling dangerous waters would place their valuables in different vessels to limit their risk of loss. Fast forward 18 centuries or so to the great London fires in 1666 that summarily destroyed 13,200 homes & you have the evolution of our modern system of risk transfer. Ironic, everybody hates insurance companies except those that just got a check cause their house just burned down. Funny how that works. But that’s the way we humans are; Sometimes we hate things until we love them.

At Deerfield Advisors, we use insurance only as a last resort. When all other methods of risk reduction or elimination are exhausted, then & only then we think about the strategic & efficient use of  insurance to protect our clients from loss. The key is to find the perfect balance so that you’re not over insured or under insured. The optimal price/coverage combination. Insurance is a simple concept broadly speaking, but can be quite tricky as one considers the insurance contract language & the often difficult to interpret meanings it conveys. That’s where we come in, not only do we shop, manage, & recommend proper coverages, we can help you understand the insurance policy itself because we can make it make sense to you. This enables you to rest easy, knowing you are back in control because you have the knowledge & you know what they say about knowledge….. power, client power. We think it’s a great value proposition. After all, if you’ve got to have insurance, you might as well get something for it.



Many small to medium size businesses are struggling to get a handle on HR compliance. Deerfield has solutions that can make that problem just a little easier. Presenting Deerfield HR Compliance. We can help you navigate those tricky & often confusing HR compliance challenges you face every day.

Success in business  is difficult enough as it is, so the added burden of  how to address the many HR compliance exposures like federal, state, & local rules & regulations, employment laws, & employee HR administrative issues can overwhelm the most vigorous among us, taking the joy & satisfaction out of your day & compromising your bottom line.

Deerfield Advisors can make your HR compliance effort  work in concert to accomplish the objective; A smooth running highly efficient HR compliance machine. It’s the total solution to the problem of the overburdened business owner.  Our HR compliance consultancy service is really about helping clients do what they do, just better. Using best practices & removing the burden & hassle of not knowing what to do & when to do it. Its HR compliance done right. Let’s face it, HR compliance uses up precious time and resources you could be using for more important tasks.  For some the mental bandwidth just isn’t available.

In the last  30 years, roughly between 1980 and 2010, the number of laws, rules, & regulations addressing employment law issues has almost tripled. This phenomenon has made  managing HR compliance, once a relatively straight-forward task for businesses much more complex & labor-intensive, requiring a level of HR compliance expertise that many small to medium-sized companies do not possess nor can afford to hire in house. On top of that, just the increasing complexity & reporting rules & regulations has demanded businesses owners add even more to their plate, like employee handbooks, hire & fire rules & regulations, background checks, discrimination, wrongful termination, and on and on. All these burdensome tasks leave little time for anything else. The average business owner could easily spend up to 40% of their time dealing with these heavy loads. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let Deerfield take that weight off your back, so you can enjoy your work again. Deerfield  can make the difference between success & failure. With Deerfield Advisors, you have a proven & experienced business partner. Life is getting better already! Relax, let us worry about compliance, and focus on your calling… we are up to the task.



Safety & Loss control planning are vital components of any restaurants effort to control losses & enhance safety. Just one accidental slip &  fall can be very costly to your business. That’s why we recommend  planning, prevention, and a safety-first attitude. Just one accident prevented by best practices safety &  loss control, could make a big difference to your bottom line, and that’s the whole purpose for restaurant safety & loss control in the first place. We can recommend & help put together a Loss prevention program for you that helps management anticipate costly accidents. It’s about risk awareness & an alert staff, &  it can make all the difference in keeping your business humming.

What Restaurant Safety & Loss control means at Deerfield

  • Online Safety Training – we can help you maximize the resources available to you, & arrange for online safety training for your employees.
  • Hot beverage safety – the last thing you need is a customer to allege a beverage burn on a busy night, there are techniques to avoid this very dangerous occurrence, let Deerfield show you how.
  • Drug testing – They say ignorance is bliss, but not if that ignorance is the reason for a disaster because an employee that’s high. We can advise you how best to handle this sensitive subject.
  • Employee background checks – Vital to any business is to know your employees. We can run those checks or advise you how to yourself.
  • Business disaster planning & recovery – getting the restaurant back up & running after a disastrous event is key to the survival of any business, we can develop a plan for you to ensure you fully recover from such an event.
  • Personal Hygiene for restaurant workers – the risks & implications for a problem here is unthinkable, we can help you control this potentially large problem.
  • Proper food handling & storage – food- borne illnesses can wreak havoc on your restaurant establishment, we have risk management & risk transfer techniques to protect you.
  • Cut & Burn prevention –  A simple cut or burn, can turn into a complex problem for you. We can show you practical prevention techniques to minimize this very common occurrence.
  • And much  much more, we’ve only scratched the surface of all the resources we can bring to bear to protect your restaurant enterprise.
  • Let us show you what a difference Deerfield can make!