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At Deerfield, advisory is a three step process. Step one starts with discovery, in order to adequately advise you of your risks we’ll need to learn about your business, what makes it tick, what your primary challenges are, and what keeps you up at night. We’ll also need an understanding of your goals, objectives, concerns, unique needs, and tolerance for risk. This is best accomplished through a series of face to face meetings where your particular risk exposures & potential vulnerabilities will come into focus. Step two involves the formulation of a risk management plan that meets your unique risk mitigation needs. These will be tactical strategies designed to protect your firm’s net worth from fortuitous loss. And finally at step three, we’ll commit your plan to writing in the form of an official Risk Management Policy Statement. Clarifying the risk mitigation strategies we develop together in this way will help us set the framework necessary to carry out your plan. The Risk Management Policy Statement will be a great tool in our ongoing effort to make smart choices & wise decisions in a risk environment that is and will continue to be both challenging and perilous.

   • Identify risk exposures • Develop optimal risk management strategy & plan  • Develop your risk management policy statement
            • Determine insurance need • Inform on options for risk prevention, mitigation, and transfer • Access “The Deerfield  Advisor” knowledge base



Everyone wants the best deal they can get when it comes to insurance. In our capacity as professional insurance buyers we shop, gather, organize, & evaluate competitive quotes from the insurance markets, thoroughly evaluate the many proposals we receive, negotiate best pricing on your behalf, choose the very best price/coverage combination and present to you for explanation & consideration. One of our unique capabilities is the ability to shop any & all markets on your behalf as professional insurance buyers, not insurance sellers. This allows us to effectively & properly evaluate coverage breadth & quality with no conflict of interest. Result; you get an unbiased & impartial professional opinion from a cost vs. benefit perspective with full disclosure and crystal clear transparency. Our unique hybrid compensation arrangement makes this possible. Once the insurance proposal of your choice has been analyzed on a needs/coverage basis, we’re ready to arrange & place the insurance, handle all of the many administrative details, and begin the managing process for that policy term.

• Shop the market For best price coverage combination
• Evaluate quote proposals from markets
• Negotiate best pricing & coverage with markets
• Arrange & place coverage



What with the never ending to do list our clients are burdened with, having a competent firm you trust manage your insurance and employee benefits, keep it in order & running smoothly is no small thing. The moving parts in managing a commercial insurance and employee benefits program are seemingly endless. Our specialty is creating an orderly & well organized system. Like a well-oiled machine we can make your Risk Management program perform at its smooth running best.

• Monitor, manage & pay your premium payment obligations as they come due with “Deerfield Pay”
• Maintain & administer your certificate obligations
• Monitor & address incoming correspondence from carrier
• Handle all aspects of your employee benefits program including a daily hotline for employee questions
• Maintain & keep your online & hard copy policy & document inventory current & organized with “Deerfield One Place”
• Manage all miscellaneous insurance policy administrative details throughout the policy term
• Handle all endorsement requests from third parties & necessary policy changes
• Start to finish claims administration & management through “Deerfield Claims Concierge”. You won’t be burdened at this most stressful of periods. Let us handle it. It’s our moment of truth!



In our over-regulated economy employers are understandably drowning in a sea of employment related laws, rules, & regulations. This fact presents a significant problem for almost every business. We at Deerfield have a solution; in our capacity as consultants, we can keep you fully informed on what you need to know to protect yourself from these regulatory traps & employment related pitfalls. In addition, we’re ready to help with these additional value-adds.

• Employee Benefits Administration • ObamaCare Compliance • Claims Dispute Resolution • Contractual Insurance Requirement Analysis
      • HR or Employment Law Compliance • Safety & Loss Prevention • Work Comp Premium Analysis • Work Comp Premium Analysis