If you’re a small or medium size business enterprise struggling to get a handle on HR, we have solutions that can make that problem just a little easier. Presenting The Deerfield Advisor HR Solution, a value proposition that you can’t refuse. It can help you navigate those tricky & often confusing HR challenges you face every day.

The Deerfield Advisor HR Solution is designed with you in mind. Success is elusive enough as it is in the business world, so the added burden of  how to address the many HR compliance exposures, federal, state & local rules & regulations, labor laws, & employee HR administrative issues can overwhelm the most vigorous among us, taking the joy & satisfaction out of your day & compromising your bottom line.

With The Deerfield Advisor HR Solution, your help is here, we can make your HR department the envy of all your competitors by making everything work in concert to accomplish the objective; A smooth running highly efficient HR component of your businesses HR administrative function. It’s the total solution to the problem of the overburdened business owner. The Deerfield Advisor HR Solution enables our clients to successfully navigate the many HR administrative duties & challenges all business owners face. Our HR effort is really about helping clients do what they do, just better. Using best practices & removing the burden & hassle of not knowing what to do, & when to do it. Its HR done right. Let’s face it, HR is complex and uses up precious time and resources you could be using for more important tasks. But it’s not that HR isn’t important, it’s just that it’s become a very necessary evil, a necessary nuisance if you will. For some the mental bandwidth just isn’t available.

In the last  30 years, roughly between 1980 and 2010, the number of laws, rules, & regulations addressing employee & labor issues has almost tripled. This phenomenon has made  managing HR, once a relatively straight-forward task for businesses much more complex & labor-intensive, requiring a level of HR expertise that many small to medium-sized restaurants do not possess nor can afford to hire in house. On top of that, just the increasing complexity & reporting rules & regulations has demanded business owners to add even more to their plate, like employee handbooks, onboarding technology, hire & fire rules & regulations, employee Background Checks, employee benefits, payroll, accounting, & tax. All these burdensome tasks leave little time for anything else. The average business owner could easily spend up to 40% of their time dealing with these heavy loads. But It doesn’t have to be that way.

Let The Deerfield Advisor HR Solution take that weight off your shoulders, so you can enjoy your passion again. The Deerfield Advisor HR Solution can make the difference between success & failure. With The Deerfield Advisor HR Solution you have a proven business model & a great partner. Life is getting better already! Relax, delegate, and focus on your calling… we’ll handle the rest.