Introducing “Deerfield Pay,” one of our most  popular value adds,”  it’s the solution to the problem of  keeping up with your insurance premium payment obligations as they come due, arranging  for, &  making payments.

“Deerfield Pay” reduces the worry, confusion, & hassle of this very unpleasant experience, by simply removing the burden from you & transferring it to us.

This is the way it works:

  • First, we keep up with or monitor all of the premium payment obligations in your Deerfield managed insurance portfolio on an ongoing basis.
  • Second, when a premium payment becomes due we send a premium due notice to you via email at least 7 days before the payment is due, giving you plenty of time to decide if you want the payment made or not, or want to pay in a different way – say a new bank account, credit card, etc.
  • Third, if we haven’t heard from you by the payment due date, we make the payment on your behalf with your credit card, debit card, or bank account information we keep in your secure file.
  • Fourth, we send a confirmation email to you that very day letting you know it’s been taken care of so you can rest easy.

Our clients love “Deerfield Pay” because it essentially removes the worry, burden, & confusion of keeping up with,  &  making sure that your insurance is paid, but adds to your peace of mind,  just knowing that your insurance won’t cancel because you missed a premium payment. And that means you stay organized, focused, in control, & on top of your insurance, empowering you to choose to spend your time on more important things.

And best of all their are no contracts to sign or lengthy applications to complete to get started. You just say the word & you’re signed up & ready to go. Don’t let your insurance payments fall through the cracks, call us, & we’ll be happy to have a conversation about how “Deerfield Pay” may be an option for you.





In our culture, there seems to be a never ending array of documents, statements, & administrative stuff to file, store, & manage. With the technology available to us you’d think these tasks would be getting easier; but that’s just not the case. The more we accumulate the more we have to keep up with, it just seems harder & harder to get and keep under control. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a safe & secure central location, to store your Insurance, Investment,  and HR documents, so you always know they will be there when you need them. Well, it’s here!  Introducing, “Deerfield One Place™”, one of our most attractive value adds yet. “Deerfield One Place™” is a solution for those clients that have a need for simplicity, and organization when it cones to their document storage. “Deerfield One Place™”  is a secure Deerfield managed server that offers a single location for all your electronic Insurance , HR documents, Investment applications, statements, policies, reports, &  signed forms, etc. And it’s quite easy to access. Just go to the Deerfield website sign-on portal, type in your user ID,  &  password, and you’re in. You can even use it to store any other documents you choose as well. Just email, fax, or mail us the document, tell us what to label it, & we’ll put it right in your file that same day, & email you a confirmation when it’s ready for you to access. Just think, 24/7  online access to your policies, statements, documents, forms, all in one place, at your finger tips & no more paper. With Deerfield  One Place, gone are the days of accessing multiple websites, shuffling paper, and keeping track of the endless stacks of documents. “Deerfield One Place™”, convenience, simplicity, order. Your help is here!

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It goes without saying that the possibility of  needing to file a claim is the sole reason for having insurance in the first place. You know that, we know that, but does your insurance company know that. That’s the sixty four thousand dollar question. And it happens to be our job to make sure that if your insurance carrier has by chance forgotten this fact, that they remember it very quickly. Because when that dreadful moment comes & you need help, playing games with an insurance company is the last thing you want to do. That’s when we shine the most, it’s our moment of truth, & we take it very seriously. You can rest assured, when you have a loss, we will be there for you every step of the way. You see, to our way of thinking, your crisis is our crisis. If you have a problem, we have a problem. We take ownership of your problem & make it our own, no matter how large or small. It’s the Deerfield way. No other aspect of our value to you is more important than when you have a claim.

Suddenly discovering a loss can be a stressful experience, that’s why we put so much importance on being there for you. One way we do this is by assigning our dedicated claims manager to walk you through the process. Her aim is to quickly get things under control,  arrange to have your claim paid & attend to any special needs, or circumstances you may have.

Handling Claims – The Deerfield way:

Step 1: The very first minute you discover a loss or a problem or even the possibility of one, call us to report it.

Step 2: We will advise you of your options & recommend the best one.

Step 3: We will file the claim on your behalf to get the ball rolling

Step 4: We will quickly email or call you with your claim number & adjusters contact information.

Step 5: We will monitor & interact with you & the adjuster to make sure things are expedited as quickly as possible.

Step 6: We will be an advocate for you if there are disagreements with the adjuster, & or insurance carrier & make sure you are treated fairly.

Step 7: We will make sure you are paid for your claim if accepted by the carrier.

Step 8: Once you are satisfied with the claim payment we will bring the claim to close & let you get back to your life.


gold-line-newDEERFIELD POLICY BOOK 24/7

If you’re like many, you never seem to have all of your insurance policies & information all in one place that’s easily accessible when you need them. Well those days are over. Introducing “Deerfield Policy Book 24/7”  a  notebook in your choice of  format, either hard copy or electronic version you can access 24/7 in your secure file on the Deerfield Website.  Just think, all your insurance policies neatly separated, labeled, categorized, & organized for easy location & review. The book includes a  policy summary report, or schedule of insurance showing you in brief, all the essential elements of your insurance, and an activity statement, chronicling in diary form, all the important policy endorsements, additions or deletions that have taken place for any of your policies for that term. You can keep your books for as many years back as you like. You’ll have a separate one for each policy term. In addition, there is a current ID card, & important claim documents, a history of all your claims, & claim receipts for your records included in the book.

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