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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the Deerfield Advisors website! We’re glad you’ve dropped by. We’ve designed this website with the purpose of informing you of who we are, what we do, and how we are different.

Who we are

We’re a full service independent Risk Management, Policy Holder Advocate, and HR Boutique, passionate about our clients success & best interest, as well as our corporate values and operating  philosophy; which can be summed up in the phrase “excellence in all things.”  Our commitment to the ideal of “excellence in all things” essentially defines us as a firm, informs our views, and governs our client relationships in every way. This is our true north & something consistent you can count on. Our commitment to be excellent in all things is foundational to our value proposition, and is part & parcel to our code of high ethical standards and the adherence to a set of constant core values that are non-negotiable & decidedly do not change from one year to the next. We put great importance on & are distinguished by our values; Trust, Honor, Integrity, Transparency, The Golden Rule, and align our interest with yours at all times.

What we do

We advise business clients about their Risks, we act on their behalf as Brokers & Professional Insurance Buyers, we manage & administer their insurance, HR, HRIS, payroll administration & employee benefits programs, we consult with them on various issues related to compliance including ObamaCare compliance. We bundle all of these important and unique solutions together that significantly simplify the whole process of addressing your needs in all these areas. We also serve the risk needs & requirements for individual clients, from insurance advisory & management to trusted financial consultant. Ultimately, it’s all about financial independence, and that’s our focus.

How we are  different

Frankly, there are a number of ways Deerfield is different from our competitors. Some of the more interesting ones I list below.

Number one: The Deerfield management team. Our management teams average tenure is 13 years. This enables us to have familiarity with our clients & them with us, because we know how you like things handled, what method of communication you prefer, and what your unique needs, goals, objectives, and special situations are. This makes for a rich & rewarding customer experience.

Number Two: Client responsiveness, and personal attention. We are utterly unyielding about the importance of, and the commitment to, client responsiveness, and personal attention. We actually respond to emails & return phone calls promptly, and with a good attitude. We liken it to the 5 star hotel experience where you barely have to lift a finger. We are happy to serve at your pleasure.

Number Three: We are Client centered. At Deerfield, the client comes first. From our very beginning almost twenty years ago we made a solemn promise to put our clients first no matter what, to make it about them not us, to solve their problems not ours, to make our passion their best interest, and above all to honor that sacred trust they have placed in us to honor the golden rule when it comes to their affairs. Nice to know you never have to wonder if your risk manager/HR consultant is looking after your interests first. We have your back.

Number Four: Our philosophy of “excellence in all things”. This one is definitely different. It drives everything we do from how we treat each other to taking care of and attending to our client’s needs. Dotting I’s & crossing T’s; we don’t want anything falling through the cracks. This value permeates our culture. It demands that we commit to be exceptional, not good but great, not average but above average. Excelling for our clients above and beyond.

Number Five: Our integrity, competence, expertise, and knowledge. At the risk of hubris, we unashamedly lay it on the line here. This is one that may require a test drive. See for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Number Six: Experience. The enabler of good decision making. It starts with knowledge, then understanding and combined with a lot of hands on experience. The result…wisdom. There’s no substitute for it. We have thirty years of it. You can take advantage of it.

Number Seven: One Place, one contact, for a lot of things. When you consider all the burdens & responsibilities you can outsource to one trusted provider, us, you may actually come to enjoy your work again. We can take that load off your shoulders. Order, organization, structure, coordination. Just think, all your insurance, HR, employee benefits administration, HRIS, payroll, HR compliance, safety & loss control, ObamaCare compliance needs & requirements managed in a comprehensive orderly, & systematic framework, where all the moving parts work in unison. Problem occurs? Make one phone call for the fix, then get back to what you do, we will handle it. We like to say “one agency, one team, infinite value”.

There are more but for the sake of brevity let’s stop there, you get the idea. Suffice it to say that taken together the Deerfield value proposition makes for an unquestionably compelling value. Our unique skill sets, value adds, and five star customer service is unmatched. But don’t take our word for it, we invite you to browse our testimonial page and view a sampling of what our clients are saying,……unsolicited of course. So take your time, make yourself at home, & discover all of the remarkably rich features & benefits that Deerfield, as one single source provider and partner for your Risk Management and HR Program has to offer, then call us if you’d like to have a conversation about the difference we can make, in your effort to solve your problems, meet your challenges, and achieve your goals.




Deerfield Solutions
Have you ever wondered if you really needed them, would your broker come through. Of-course you’d like to think they would. At Deerfield Advisors, that’s the very thing we live for; It’s our purpose, our moment of truth. As a matter of fact, we literally can’t wait for opportunities to solve problems for our clients. Whether it’s advising  a client what the best course of action is when faced with a loss, to negotiating a better deal offer from the carrier claim department, Deerfield delivers. We’ve chronicled below, just a few real life situations so you can see how a competent & capable broker does their job & comes through for their client.
Problem Solving Deerfield Style
A claim wrongly denied from an uninformed or worse  Adjuster.
One of our clients in the Dallas area calls us with a problem. He received a nasty demand letter from his neighbors attorney who is about to sue him over a hostile fire that damaged the neighbors property. Our client filed the claim but it was denied by the carrier. Why? It seems our clients homeowner carrier contended that he had no negligence in the incident & therefore no legal liability. The whole thing started when our client hired a contractor to build a door for his barn in the back of his house. The contractor who was uninsured, accidentally allowed sparks from cutting metal with a  power saw to come in contact with  grass in an unusually dry period &  a  fire ensued burning & consequently destroying  some of his neighbors property, namely fencing.


Deerfield Solutions For Business is focused on helping clients solve problems and meet challenges in twenty six key areas:


Risk of loss to assets or property       Risk of loss to business income from an interruption in operations    |    Liability risk and financial responsibility from injury to employees    |     Liability risk from being a Director & Officer    |    Liability risk from being an Employee Benefits Administrator    |    Professional or Malpractice liability risk  |  Liability risk from injury to customers from Cyber & Identity Theft    |    Liability risk from negligent bodily injury & property damage to customers, business associates & the general public on or away from your premises    |   Liability & Property risk from the operation of company owned vehicles    |    Contractual Insurance Compliance    |    Risk Exposure Needs Analysis, Review, & Explanation    |   Risk Exposure Disposition Analysis (retain, mitigate, or transfer determination)


Online policy & certificate document storage    |    Keeping up with insurance payments, due dates & intents to cancel    |    Certificate management & communication with vendors & customers    |    Shopping, arranging, Securing, & placing insurance coverage.    |    Negotiating for best price & coverage insurance combinations    |   Maintaining “Activity Diary Report” for monitoring transactions, decisions, & rationale    |    Insurance requirement negotiation with vendors & customers    |    Quote proposal price & coverage evaluation    |    Insurance Coverage Needs Analysis, Review, & Explanation    |    Staying current & updated on important issues like employment laws & regulations, insurance policy changes, & ObamaCare    |    Employee Benefits Administration    |     Safety, Loss Control, and Loss prevention   |   Claims Management & Disposition


HR Compliance and risk of lawsuit from employees and government agencies from employment law violations    |    ObamaCare Compliance    |    Employee Handbook development.


Deerfield Solutions For Individuals is focused on helping clients solve problems and meet challenges in seventeen key areas


Risk of loss to assets or property   |   Risk of financial loss from lawsuit or legal liability    |    Risk of financial loss from Identity Theft    |    Risk of loss of Income from disability    |    Risk of loss of income from the death of the primary earnings provider    |    Risk of financial loss from a catastrophic health issue    |    Risk of having adequate savings at retirement and outliving your savings in retirement    |    Risk Exposure Needs Analysis, Review, & Explanation   |    Risk Exposure Disposition Analysis (retain, mitigate, or transfer determination)    |    Optimal Allocation and investment of long-term savings    |    Financial Planning for Retirement


Online document storage for insurance policies & financial papers    |    Keeping up with insurance payments, due dates & intents to cancel    |    Securing best price & coverage insurance combinations   |    Quote proposal price & coverage evaluation    |    Shopping, arranging, Securing, & placing insurance coverage    |    Insurance Coverage Needs Analysis, Review, & Explanation.