PolicyHolder Advocate

bus1-rec-finalIt’s no secret that insurance companies do and often will assert their power if it’s in their best interest to do so. Standing up to them is quite challenging to say the least, a little like David & Goliath. Policy holders need a champion in their corner to make their case & argue their side of the story when the occasion arises. Deerfield Advisors is just such a champion for our clients. As an independent entity we work only on your behalf, our insured with no conflict of interest. Our sole objective is to see that your best interests are served first & foremost at all times. Much like a lawyer arguing your case in court, we sit on the same side of the table as you. And why not, our compensation ultimately comes from you, our client. Even though the insurance company may pay commissions to the broker doesn’t it ultimately come out of your pocket just like everything else, the costs are passed on.

 With Deerfield as your Policyholder Advocate you can rest assured we won’t hesitate to go to bat for you when the time comes. Here below are just a few typical scenarios where we are argue on your behalf to make sure you are treated fairly.

•  Insurance company wants to raise your dwelling to an unreasonable insurable value.

•  Insurance company charges late payment fees and you didn’t even get a bill.

•  Insurance company wants to surcharge for claims that weren’t your fault.

•  Insurance company denies a claim based on a minor technicality or a misread of the policy.

•  Insurance company wrongly assess loss value in a property claim.

 These are just a few of the literally hundreds of possibilities where having an experienced insurance professional as your champion can be of considerable value.

Don’t be pushed around by an insurance company, let Deerfield Advisors be your champion.